We just received the lake report and all is good! Tons of rock hard ice,  light snow coverage and no water! The forecast is calling for great weather and will remain below freezing, so don’t forget to layer up.

Our worker director has informed me that we could use a few more workers on the weekend. If you can bring a friend or know someone that is coming but not expected to come, please let us know.

This is possibly the last chance to make hotel reservations at the River Inn. Please don’t get left out by calling last minute or showing up without a reservation. There is a tournament taking place in Ashcroft this weekend.

Icex is running as usual and entries are near capacity. Again, please don’t get left out with last minute arrangements.

The roads have had some time for the road crews to make them safe and easier to drive. But please use common sense and caution on your drive. The mountain highways of BC can be quite unpredictable. Check the road report before leaving and drive safe everyone.

Cars on Ice Executive