News For Feb 15 / 16

Great news from Barnes Lake today. We have more ice than we have tools to measure it! We estimate 20 inches of ice, we can only measure up to 16 inches with our present system. The 2014 season still has a possibility of 4 race weekends. If weather and interest stays in our favor we want to put on a 4th weekend in March. Date to be announced.

We thought our first weekend turned out great, with good weather and a decent turn out. We had a lot of positive feedback about track design and it was indeed faster than previous years as we promised. Lots of great racing and new faces on the podium!

The IceX event again was a success and enjoyed by all who participated. We can’t thank Cam & Susan enough for their amazing hard work! They are teaching us how it should be done! This weekend’s IceX still has a few spots left! Don’t miss out.

As always we are looking for workers and door prizes. If you can bring a door prize, great! If you can bring a worker, even better! Both equal more fun throughout the weekend.

Don’t forget to make your reservations and check road conditions before leaving. Drive safe and see you in Ashcroft.


Cars On Ice Executive