What is IceX?

IceX is an autocross event held on a frozen lake. This is a single car timed event completing 1 lap at a time. IceX allows beginners to learn car control techniques and gives an experienced driver a chance to hone and perfect the skills they already have. Previous experience not required.

What is Ice Attack?

Ice Attack is a time attack, multi lap timed event on a frozen lake. Passing is not allowed, but there is a pull out lane for slower drivers to allow for the faster cars to continue. This event is more race oriented with higher speeds and has continuous lapping to increase seat time. Previous ice experience is required. This minimum includes completion of 1 IceX event or a previous wheel to wheel event and a CACC competition license.

What is Wheel to Wheel (Enduro)?

Wheel to Wheel Ice Racing is door to door racing. This involves fully caged race prepped cars with a CACC Ice Race competition license or a CACC Senior Race license.