Will I fall through the ice?

No. Often the ice is thicker than the governed safety minimum of 8” of ice. The ice is checked multiple times during the event weekend to ensure the safety of the participants and volunteers.

Can I use my street car?

IceX – Yes.

Time Attack – no passing – Yes.

Please see the rules section of the website for more details.

Is it cold?

The weather fluctuates during the season from approximately 0 degrees to minus 20 degrees Celsius. Please check the weather forecast for Ashcroft, BC before packing to ensure you have adequate weather protection (snow jackets, pants and boots are highly encouraged).

Often the sun will come out during the weekend. Remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

I’ve raced for years. Do I need any prior experience?

IceX – No.  Experience is not required.

Time Attack – Yes.  Minimum of at least one Ice-x event or greater experience required.