Ice-X Info

ICE-X (Solo) Information

Rules and Technical Requirements click here

-What is IceX?

  • Think solo II on a frozen lake. When your front tires cross the start line the timer begins to count. The faster you make it around the track and to the finish the better your time. Fastest time wins. Seems simple enough? Oh ya…. Remember that “frozen lake” bit? Unlike normal AutoX the fastest way around this track is sideways. So tune up those drifting skills, you are gonna need them.

-A lake? Is the ice safe?

  • The ice is checked by qualified members of the Western Canadian Ice Racing Association prior to any event. Only once the ice is deemed a safe thickness will the race season begin.

-Can I use my street car?

  • Yes, as long as your car passes a standard safety tech inspection (see rules), is equipped with a set of street legal snow tires, and doesn’t pose a risk of roll over. (Sorry… your lifted 95 Ford explorer isn’t going to work). Cars leaking fluids will be asked to leave the ice. Remember we are racing on a lake.

-What will I need to bring?

  • You will need
  1. Vehicle fitted with street legal snow tires
  2. Tarp to put under your car while in the pit
  3.  SNELL rated helmet (SA2005 or better)
  4.  Warm clothes and thick soled boots (it is called ice racing after all)
  5.  Your proof of payment if you have pre-reg
  6.  A good attitude! Ice-X is a laid back fun event, come up and have fun don’t be to serious!

-What about accommodation?

  • Discounted rates are available to racers at the Ashcroft River Inn, only a 8 minute drive from the track. Don’t want to stay in Ashcroft? Cache Creek has many motels but will add about 15 minutes to your drive in. Sorry, no discounts in Cache Creek.

-Ok this sounds fun. How do I sign up?
You have three options:

  1. Online (Prefered Method) -Register via following the directions posted here. Payment can be made Via Pay Pal, or in person. Please keep your receipt and bring it to the track with you. This will ensure proof of payment in case of a website glitch.
  2. Snail Mail -Fill out the PDF reg doc on the web site and send them our registrar directly with a cheque for $60. Do not worry about the license fee as your entry covers this for ICE-X.
  3. On Site -Sign up at the Ashcroft River Inn the Friday before the event. Registration will also be open for a short window on Saturday morning at the track. However please remember spots are limited and will fill on a first come first serve basis. Driver cap is set at 30 drivers, if there are no open spots you will be unable to run. It is highly recommended to preregister for this event as spots fill up fast.

-Is There Anything Else I should know?

  • Follow us on FaceBook for up to date information
  • Ice racing is at the mercy of mother nature and events may be canceled or have their schedule changed last minute to weather/visibility/Ice thickness etc. Be sure to watch for updates before heading up!
  • Your car MUST have a tarp under it! (ya ya you already said that) I know.. but it’s important.
  • Dress appropriately. The weather can change very quickly, it can be snowy, windy, and freezing cold, or it can be clear, sunny, and warm. Keep warm and wear layers that can be removed if the temp rises, also have a pair of sun glasses handy. Snow blindness is never fun.
  • Even though you will only be racing the clock, this is still racing. The track is edged in snow banks, cones, and in some areas tires. Though uncommon, hitting any of these has the potential to cause damage to your vehicle.
  • Lunches can be provided for a fee at the track, or you can fend for yourself. Keep in mind the lake is not close enough to town for you to run out and get food during lunch break, so pack it in with you.
  • Keep the lake clean! The fish won’t allow us back if we make a mess. Pack it in pack it out, the lake should look spotless when you leave.

-I still have more questions!

  • Feel free to ask via the contact page or FaceBook and we will do our best to answer

For more on rules and technical information click here