A challenging autocross style course setup on Barnes Lake in Ashcroft BC, Ice-X is an autocross on ice. This event is a single car timed event, running on street legal studded or unstudded winter tires. The event is geared to those wanting to run their daily driven street car. Ice-X allows beginners to learn new car control techniques, and gives experienced driver a chance to hone and perfect the skills they already have. Don’t be fooled though, even the most experienced of driver can be humbled on the purpose built Ice-X track. Consisting of tight hair pins, fast sweepers, and linking straightaways the Ice-X circuit is no simple task to navigate at speed.

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Ice Race (Wheel to Wheel)

For those wanting the ultimate heart pounding experience, enter Ice Racing. One of the most cost effective forms of door to door racing and by far the most exciting. These cars can exceed speeds of 160KPH on the front straight before pitching sideways to scrub speed into turn one. Running three different tire classes, Rubber, Street Legal, and Racing Stud these roll cages ice machines are sure to get the adrenalin flowing. The Ice Race circuit consists of a massive straight with high speed turns, chicanes, and hairpins, this isn’t a simple oval but a full blown road course made of ice.

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Motorsport cannot happen without the most important people at the track, the volunteers. From running grid, to driving the plow, to marshaling the track, the volunteers are the backbone of both events. Learn how you can be part of this one of kind form of motorsport.

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