Novice Program

If you do not hold a WCIRABC Senior Ice Race License, you must participate in the Cars on Ice Novice Program. Even though you may have many years of experience in wheel to wheel racing, for the safety of the other participants and yourself, you must be observed by the Novice Director and receive a pass to enter into the senior race events. Racing on ice provides new experiences and requires unique techniques to be successful.

The Novice Program ensures you have passed in the following categories:

  • Flag Knowledge and Awareness (Flag Definitions found here)
  • Race Etiquette
  • Accident Knowledge
  • Understanding Your Car
  • Penalties
  • Car Control
  • Body Contact
  • Awareness of Other Competitors

Novices will receive training on the Saturday of each event weekend. It is mandatory to work the various corner positions while you are not in training. If you receive a pass from the Novice Director, you will be eligible to enter into the senior ice race events on the Sunday only for your first 2 event weekends. Your race car will be marked with a Novice decal to allow the senior drivers to be aware of your novice status.

You must receive a passing grade in all categories to be upgraded to a WCIRABC Senior Ice Racing License at the end of the season. Senior Ice Racing Licenses will not be awarded to novice drivers until the end of the current ice race season is over.

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