Ice-X Rules

ICE-X (Solo) Rules


Basic On Ice Rules

  • ALL persons on the ice MUST sign the waiver form or leave the ice surface
  • All vehicles parked on the ice must have a tarp or other suitable method of catching any possible fluid leaks. This item must cover the entire area beneath your engine and transmission. If your rear diff has any leakage it must also be over top of something.
  • Any fueling must done on the shore.
  • Any persons using a camera at turn stations must have a spotter. Please seek permission from race organizer if you would like to go out to the infield for media purposes.
  • KEEP THE LAKE CLEAN, this includes spills, food and drink waste, cigarette butts. If it doesn’t belong in the lake, keep it off the ice.
  • We want to keep a peaceful relationship with the locals. Be respectful, no hooning!

Ice-X Specific Rules & Procedures

  • Racing will be run in run group A/B style, drivers who’s run group is not racing are required to work track turn stations.
  • Please arrive early and make your way to the registration tent. If you have preregistered you will still need to sign in. You will receive your race number and registration package. (Sign in and Registration may be available on the Friday night before the event at Ashcroft River Inn Lobby)
  • Fill out the basic registration forms and proceed with vehicle tech. You will self your tech your vehicle in accordance to the tech sheet provided, once completed locate the tech inspector or return the sheet to registration and the inspector will find you. He or she will have a quick look over your car and mark your vehicle as tech’d.
  • All drivers are required to attend the mandatory drivers meeting. If you arrive late and miss the meeting you will forfeit your right to race for the day. Your entry fee will not be refunded.
  • For the safety of those on the ice, headlamps must be illuminated when on the racing surface. (please not your flood lamps though. They look cool but pose a risk of blinding turn workers if you are headed straight at them)
  • 5 second time penalty will be awarded for each cone or tire hit
  • 10 second penalty for missed gates
  • Vehicles which spin off track and become stuck will be towed out. Your first offense is free, your second will award you a warning. Your third offense will result in punishment for causing race delays. Any driver who becomes stuck for a 3rd time will be required to wear a Halloween costume of our choice for the rest of the day. Push your limits, but also know your limits.
  • Hitting the timing boxes will immediately forfeit your racing for the weekend, you will be responsible for covering any costs associated with repairing/replacing the equipment. Timing equipment isn’t cheap and we cannot afford to replace it. Your entry fee will not be refunded.
  • Prizes will be awarded at the end of the first race day… or maybe at the end of the event on Sunday… or maybe not at all… most likely the last option.
  • Event organizer reserve the right to remove any driver from competition who appears to be driving out of control or posing a risk to other persons or equipment on the ice.


  • Scoring is based on a drivers 2 best runs from the mornings, and 2 best runs from the afternoon. An average of these combine four runs is the competitors final time.

Technical Requirements


  • Each driver (and passenger if permitted to ride along) is required to wear a helmet. The helmet must be rated Snell M2005, K2005 or SA2005 or newer to qualify. (Non compliant helmets may be confiscated and returned at days end)


Engine compartment

  1. Motor Mounts solid
  2. Battery securely fastened and positive terminal covered
  3. No cracked hoses, belts tight
  4. No oil, fuel, antifreeze, hydraulic, or other fluid leaks
  5. Radiator overflow and engine breathers must be contained (no vent to atmosphere/ground)
  6. Throttle must free with no binding

Wheels Tires and Suspension

  1. Tires must winter rated and street legal (DOT studded or unstudded) with adequate tread. No cracks, blisters, bulges or cords showing. Studded tires must comply to BC MVA specification. Studs may not protrude past 3.5mm
  2. Vehicle center of gravity must within SCCA rollover guideline limits (Section 3-34) Vehicles falling outside of these guidelines will be must be cleared with the chief scrutineer. Please contact us if you are unsure your vehicle qualifies.
  3. Lug nuts must be torqued to spec
  4. Wheel bearings/tie rods/ball joints must not show excessive play and must be adjusted properly


  1. Solid brake pedal feel with no bleed down
  2. Seat belts must be operational with no frays or cuts
  3. All loose items including unmounted floor mats must be removed from interior, glove box, and trunk


  1. All body panels properly secured to vehicle
  2. Headlamps in working condition
  3. Windshield wipers in working condition