Rules & Forms

Basic on Ice Rules

  • The on ice waiver must be signed or you will be required to leave the ice surface.
  • All vehicles parked on the ice must have a tarp or other suitable method of catching any possible fluid leaks. This item must cover the entire area beneath your engine and transmission and rear differential (if applicable).
  • All fueling must be done on the shore.
  • Any persons using a camera at turn stations must have a spotter. Please seek permission from race organizer if you would like to go out to the infield for media purposes.
  • KEEP THE LAKE CLEAN, this includes spills, food and drink waste, and cigarette butts. If it doesn’t belong in the lake, keep it off the ice.

Rule Books

Auto Slalom Rule Book (CACC)

Time Attack Rule Book (CACC)

Ice Race Rule Book (CACC)

Cars on Ice Supplemental Rule Book


IceX and Time attack Tech Forms

Race Car Preparation

CACC GCR for Car building specifications

CACC Ice Racing Discipline Car Preparation Specifications