***ATTENTION NEW EVENT STRUCTURE: Ice-X / Time Attack, no passing !***

You asked! We listened!

Cars On Ice execs have been speaking with past and future attendees to come up with a format that we hope will better meet everybody’s needs. So with a few more late nights, here is the new weekend plan. We hope this is more satisfactory for all those who had concerns about the last format.

The Layout

Instead of the planned one large track, we will be reverting back to the original format of dual tracks that many of you are already used to. Both tracks will be roughly the same size. This means there will still be plenty of room to open up the throttle and get a little tail happy. (This differs from past years where ICE-X had a smaller course then door to door).


ICE-X will be held on both tracks simultaneously with a total of 4 run groups (two per track). This will allow small groups and lots of runs back to back. Drivers will be afforded the opportunity to run both tracks, time allowing. With this setup your timely driver changes are crucial to ensure fair runs for all.

We will be running a 2 car on track setup as we have in the past.


ICE-X drivers will shift over to track A and Time Attack – No Passing will begin on track B

Time attack will begin with two cars on track and move up as drivers become more comfortable with the setup and safety allows.

Please remember Time Attack drivers are required to hold a valid novice or senior Time Attack or Ice Race license! This is not a requirement of the club, but a requirement of our sanctioning body and must be adhered to. Here is the link to the Time Attack Rule Book.  Please note the Time Attack No Passing sections of the rule book.

 Pricing, Memberships, and Licenses

Cars On Ice Membership – $25  [Membership must be paid before it will be issued]

Do I need to have one?

  • Ice-X – Optional. Your entry includes a DAY membership and license.
  • Time Attack – No Passing – Mandatory. You must have a membership in any CACC affiliated club. (Does not have to be exclusive to Cars on Ice).

Ok so what else does it get me?

  • Well it may not get you discounts anywhere, but it does support the club and it gives you an official say in what happens at these events. Oh and you get a really cool card!

Ice-X Entry – $75

Two full days of racing on two tracks to play on for less than $40 a day!? You called, we heard!

Time Attack – No Passing- $70  [CACC Licence and membership in a CACC Affiliated club Required]

Two full afternoons of throttle down fun.

Ice-X and Time Attack – $120

Want more? Enter in both! Warm up on the Ice-X and move onto the time attack next!

Eligible Licenses (Must be active member of CACC affiliated club)

  • Ice Race Novice/Senior License – [$40]
    • No early bird rate option
  • Time Attack Novice License – [$55]
    • Take $10 off for early bird. Deadline is March 1, 2017.

Apply for a License Here

** A 2017 license is valid for the December 31, 2016 event.

Are there any other reasons to get a license? Which one do I want?

  • Benefit to the Ice Race novice license:
    • Eligible to join the novice program and participate in wheel to wheel ice race events under observation.
    • Eligible for Ice Time Attack – No Passing
  • Benefits of TA novice license:
    • Eligible to enter into the TA novice program in that discipline starting in April to qualify to run at the Knox Mountain Hill Climb.

Minimum Driver Count and Alternate Plans

  • In the event of failing ice conditions and a single track the Time Attack will be cancelled. Time attack drivers may opt to run in the Ice-X instead or request a refund of their money.
  • This event will require a minimum of 20 IceX drivers (please note 20 drivers does not cover the costs of this event. We urge participants to register for more than one event).

Ok Tell Me More About This Time Attack

  • What is it?
    • Time attack will allow driver multiple laps to tear up the track throttle down with no stop box in sight. Each lap will be timed and recorded as you pass the start finish line. Passing is not allowed in this form of racing, however provisions are being made to ensure nobody is stuck behind a slower vehicle for their entire time block.
  • Can anybody run?
    • Anybody is eligible with the proper membership and license, however all drivers must be vetted on the Ice-X BEFORE being allowed to move onto the Time Attack. This will be based on your ability to control your car, and the lap times you put down in the Ice-X. Due to the nature of multiple cars on track, a vehicle or driver who is below a certain threshold may be held back in Ice-X to prevent speed variance on the track.
  • Will I need any other special equipment?
    • Your helmet must be Snell M or higher. Snell M helmets are required to adorn a fire retardant balaclava as well.